The Buskers 74

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Alex R

Alex started work as a therapist but soon found he couldn't concentrate without the power of music so he quit this job and took up playing the spoons which led him to a folk group in Birmingham. It was during this time he found his love for the guitar. He took up the guitar and decided this was the instrument for him. He left the folk group and moved to France where he played on the streets for many a year until he was asked to host an Open Mic. It was here where Alex met Tim and formed a duo before finding the other members.

Tim Absolon

Originally from Sark Tim has a vast knowledge of the music industry. He has worked with many a well known artist. He has an amazing insight into the workings of an engineer.
Tim became very well known around the south London area for his skills. It was here that he joined a small marching band playing a mini saxophone whilst dressed as Elvis.
Tim moved to the French Alpes for a new way of life. This is where he met Alex and started playing as a duo. They both grew from strength to strength meeting the other members on their way.

Richie Lea

Richie grew up in Boorklyn and found himself working as a butcher. After a few years he soon became "Boar"ed of this and decided to persue music.
Moving to the Alpes over 10 years ago he settled down as a guitar tech and maker. He soon became known around the area as the "Music Mayor of Morzine" supplying all musicians with the equipment that they needed. This is how he met the rest of the band and offered his skills as a bass player for them.The rest is history.

Bongo Pete

This guy grew up in Cuba where the exotic beats captivated him. It was here that he created his first Cajon out of some old wood. He used to set up his pineapple stand and attract tourists with his beats.

He then moved to the Alpes where he was in a band called "Trixy trix" which lasted a while. After leaving this band he found the others at an Open Mic and when he played with the band they all agreed he should join.